The Official Guide: Success Tutoring vs The World of Tutoring

Success Tutoring Vs The Tutoring World

Written by Anna Jurman


The Official Guide: Success Tutoring vs The World of Tutoring

Success Tutoring is one of Australia’s fastest growing education providers in English and Math. The personalised approach to education has gained traction across Australia. Success Tutoring has been featured in many news publications and the founder of Success Tutoring, Michael Black, has recently been awarded the Top 30 Franchise Executive by Inside Franchise Business Australia. With a goal to launch 80 sites in Australia, Success Tutoring has the vision set to impact thousands of students in a positive way. In this article you will uncover the Success Tutoring difference and how the service offering is unique to the market. You will uncover the unique sales proposition of the Success Tutoring education and franchise model.

Success Tutoring vs Other Tutoring Franchises

The most established tutoring franchises in Australia include of Kumon,  Begin Bright, NumberWorks’nWords and Mathnasium. Each provide a unique service within the tutoring space.

1. Tutoring Program and Services

When comparing Success Tutoring with different established tutoring franchises, we can consider a variety of factors including, Custom Program for Students, Homework Help, English & Math Tutoring, Primary and High School Tutoring, Holiday Programs, Aussie Curriculum Focused, Uni Students as Tutors and Motivational Learning. Looking at the table below, you’ll be able to discover how Success Tutoring compares with the providers in the market from the tutoring program and services perspective.


2. Assessment and Progress

When comparing Success Tutoring with other franchise providers we should also look at it from the perspective of Assessment and Progress. Here we will focus on Student Assessment, Student Engagement and Student Results. All franchises included provide a free student assessment of some sort. However not all providers offer a Student Assessment which is based on the Australian Curriculum.

Custom Program for Students

While all providers offer a structured program the only tutoring franchisees that provide a customised program are indicted on the table below. Success Tutoring differentiates itself by creating a 100% fully customised learning program for each student based on their strengths and weaknesses. This targets the weaknesses of the student and fills in the gap. You can learn more about the Success Tutoring Custom Program for Students by following this link here.

Homework Help

While this might be an obvious item for discussion, most tutoring providers do not offer homework help to students. Success Tutoring is one of the only few tutoring franchises that actively provide support to students with their homework and school assignments. This support is provided everyday that the tutoring centre is open which makes it easy for parents to book their kids on the Success Tutoring app and book a session to their nearest Success Tutoring centre.

English & Math Tutoring

We can quite confidently say that all providers offer English and Math tutoring except one provider noted in the list and table below. Success Tutoring’s English and Math program is based on the Australian Curriculum and designed for students to easily understand concepts.

Success Tutoring

Primary and High School Tutoring

When it comes to primary and high school tutoring, it is common for the providers being compared to Success Tutoring to offer tutoring services for all ages. However, there is a notable difference in focus among these providers. While Success Tutoring aims to cater to students across primary and high school levels, Kumon and Begin Bright tend to place a stronger emphasis on tutoring younger students, particularly those in the primary school years.

Holiday Programs

When it comes to holiday programs, Success Tutoring stands out from other providers in terms of the variety of offerings. While most providers do not offer holiday programs, Success Tutoring goes the extra mile to provide additional unique programs during school holidays. In addition to their regular tutoring services, Success Tutoring offers specialized holiday programs such as learn to code, creative writing, and public speaking courses. These programs provide students with opportunities to explore new skills and interests beyond traditional academic subjects. The only other provider that offers holiday programs is Begin Bright. However, Success Tutoring sets itself apart by offering a diverse range of holiday programs that cater to different interests and provide students with a well-rounded learning experience during their break from school.

Success Tutoring Holiday courses

Aussie Curriculum Focused

When it comes to being Aussie Curriculum focused, Success Tutoring stands out among other providers. As an Australian-based tutoring service, Success Tutoring was established in Sydney, allowing its program to be firmly rooted in the Australian curriculum. This ensures that students receive targeted and relevant instruction aligned with the educational standards in Australia. In contrast, providers such as Kumon and Mathnasium, which were established overseas, do not have a direct connection to the Australian curriculum. Similarly, while Begin Bright, and NumberWorks’nWords were originally established in Australia, their expansion overseas may have led to differences in curriculum alignment, making their programs less directly correlated to the Australian Curriculum. With its local origins and focus on the Aussie curriculum, Success Tutoring provides students with a tailored and comprehensive learning experience that addresses the specific requirements of the Australian education system. You can download and read the free white paper on the “Success Tutoring Method and its effectiveness” to learn more.

Uni Students as Tutors

When it comes to the use of uni students as tutors, Success Tutoring takes a unique approach compared to other providers. From its inception in 2017, Success Tutoring has emphasized the value of having young mentors who are university students supporting their peers. The company’s founder, Michael Black, highlighted this in a speech to the first intake of Success Tutoring team, stating that the company is “built by the students, for the students.” This commitment to student-led tutoring demonstrates the importance of relatability and connection between tutors and learners. In contrast, many centres have traditionally relied on hiring qualified teachers as their tutors. Other providers typically have a mix of qualified teachers, university students, and/or high school students involved in tutoring. Success Tutoring’s approach offers students the opportunity to learn from mentors who have recently navigated the challenges of the educational journey and can provide unique insights and support based on their own experiences.

Motivational Learning

When it comes to motivational learning, Success Tutoring stands out from other providers with its strong emphasis on fostering student motivation to reach their full potential. Success Tutoring achieves this through several key approaches. Firstly, the incorporation of motivational role models and the setting of achievable goals inspire students to strive for success. Students are provided with a Student Scorecard that displays their initial assessment result, serving as a starting point, and an “after” section that encourages them to look forward to their improvement. Moreover, the short and focused lesson format, designed to be completed within 60 minutes, provides students with specific and digestible content, in contrast to lengthy and overwhelming textbooks used at school. The use of a student sticker chart helps track completed lessons, enabling students to work towards completing a set number of lessons and receive a certificate upon completion. Additionally, the reward system, where students earn points redeemable for prizes, further motivates and engages students. While other providers may touch upon motivation in their approach, Success Tutoring’s strong emphasis on motivation sets it apart, ensuring students are consistently inspired and motivated throughout their learning journey.


Free Assessment

When it comes to free assessments, there are notable differences between Success Tutoring and other providers. While most providers offer free assessments that focus on English and Math, the nature of these assessments may vary. For example, Kumon’s assessment is based on the content taught within the Kumon program and may not directly correlate with what students learn at school.

In contrast, Success Tutoring takes a comprehensive approach to assessments. Every student who joins Success Tutoring completes an assessment that aligns with their year level at school. This assessment covers four topics in both English and Math, ensuring a well-rounded evaluation of the student’s capabilities. The assessment is designed to assess the student’s proficiency in key areas of the curriculum. Typically, the assessment can be completed within 30 to 40 minutes, providing a snapshot of the student’s current academic standing.

By tailoring the assessment to the student’s year level and covering essential topics, Success Tutoring ensures that the evaluation is relevant to the student’s school curriculum. This approach allows for a more accurate understanding of the student’s strengths and areas for improvement, enabling Success Tutoring to provide targeted support and personalised learning plans based on the assessment results.

Student Engagement

When it comes to student engagement, there are notable differences between Success Tutoring and other providers. Providers like Kumon may not prioritize engagement as a central focus of their programs. On the other hand, providers like NumberWorks’nWords often incorporate computer-based activities to create engagement for students. These activities aim to captivate students’ attention through interactive technology. Similarly, providers like Begin Bright and Mathnasium rely on the expertise of tutors and carefully curated learning materials to foster engagement in their students.

At Success Tutoring, student engagement is a key focus. Interactive lessons are designed to cater to various learning styles, including visual, auditory, read/write, and kinesthetic. This diverse approach ensures that students can actively participate and connect with the material in ways that resonate with their individual preferences. Additionally, tutors at Success Tutoring implement The StudySprint Technique™, a proven method where students engage in focused 15-minute sprints with 3-minute breaks in between. This technique enhances engagement and helps maintain students’ attention throughout the learning session.

By combining interactive lessons, tailored learning styles, and the implementation of The StudySprint Technique™, Success Tutoring aims to create an engaging learning environment that maximizes student participation and involvement. This approach sets it apart from other providers, emphasizing the importance of active student engagement to enhance the learning experience.

Student Results

When it comes to student results, there are significant differences between Success Tutoring and other providers. While many providers have limited statistics on student outcomes, often varying by individual franchise locations, Success Tutoring stands out with its commitment to tracking and measuring student progress. Internal research conducted across multiple Success Tutoring locations reveals impressive findings: 97% of parents have reported a noticeable improvement in their child’s academic performance. These statistics highlight the effectiveness of Success Tutoring’s approach and the positive impact it has on students’ learning journeys.

Moreover, Success Tutoring has numerous success stories that further exemplify its dedication to achieving exceptional student results. Students like Anthony Ozlem, and Ishika have experienced remarkable progress and achieved amazing outcomes through their engagement with Success Tutoring. These individual success stories showcase the effectiveness of the tutoring programs and the ability of Success Tutoring to make a tangible difference in students’ educational achievements.

With its strong focus on tracking progress, the ability to demonstrate significant improvements, and the presence of inspiring success stories, Success Tutoring sets itself apart from other providers when it comes to student results. The high satisfaction rate among parents and the tangible evidence of student success highlight the effectiveness and impact of Success Tutoring’s tutoring programs.

3. Convenience and Accessibility

These days convenience and accessibility is really important for busy parents and students which are doing every extra curricular activity under the sun. Here we will delve into the Booking App, Flexible Booking, No-Lock In Contracts and Online Tutoring Options.

Booking App

When it comes to the convenience of booking tutoring sessions, Success Tutoring stands out from other providers as the only tutoring company in Australia that offers a dedicated booking app. This innovative feature allows parents to easily schedule and reschedule tutoring sessions with just a simple click of a button. The booking app streamlines the process, eliminating the need for phone calls or emails to arrange sessions, and providing parents with the flexibility to manage their child’s tutoring schedule efficiently. This convenient and user-friendly app sets Success Tutoring apart, demonstrating their commitment to enhancing the overall experience for both parents and students by embracing modern technology and providing a hassle-free booking system.

Flexible Booking

When it comes to booking tutoring sessions, Success Tutoring sets itself apart from other providers by offering flexible booking options. While most tutoring centers operate on a fixed booking system, requiring students to schedule sessions in advance, Success Tutoring understands the need for flexibility. With Success Tutoring, students have the convenience of attending sessions without the requirement of pre-booking. This allows for greater adaptability and accommodates unforeseen circumstances where a student may not be able to attend a session they had originally planned. In contrast, other providers typically adhere to a fixed booking model, meaning that if a student cannot attend a scheduled session, they would need to contact the tutoring center to reschedule. The availability of sessions at Success Tutoring every day the center is open further enhances the flexibility, providing students with ample opportunities to attend tutoring sessions based on their individual needs and availability. By offering flexible booking options, Success Tutoring prioritises the convenience and accessibility of their tutoring services, ensuring that students can receive the support they need without the constraints of rigid scheduling.

No-Lock In Contracts

When it comes to tutoring services, Success Tutoring distinguishes itself from other providers by offering parents the flexibility of No-Lock In Contracts. This means that parents are not bound by long-term commitments and have the freedom to cancel their child’s tutoring services by providing a two-week notice. This policy is in direct contrast to other providers, such as Kumon, which typically require a thirty-day cancellation notice. Success Tutoring understands that circumstances can change, and parents may need to adjust or discontinue their child’s tutoring for various reasons. By offering No-Lock In Contracts, Success Tutoring prioritizes the convenience and autonomy of parents, allowing them to make decisions regarding their child’s tutoring needs without the burden of strict contractual obligations. This flexibility ensures that parents have control over their child’s tutoring journey and can make adjustments as necessary, reflecting Success Tutoring’s commitment to providing a customer-centric and accommodating approach to tutoring services.

Online Tutoring Options

When it comes to online tutoring options, Success Tutoring stands out by providing one-on-one online tutoring services. This allows students to receive personalised attention and support from qualified tutors in a virtual learning environment. While Success Tutoring offers this convenient and effective online tutoring option, it is important to note that other providers also offer similar online tutoring services. However, Success Tutoring’s commitment to delivering high-quality one-on-one online tutoring ensures that students have access to engaging and interactive learning experiences, regardless of their location. The online tutoring option provided by Success Tutoring expands the reach of their educational services, offering flexibility and convenience for students who prefer or require remote learning. By offering one-on-one online tutoring, Success Tutoring remains at the forefront of providing comprehensive and adaptable tutoring solutions to meet the evolving needs of students.

4. Community and Support

Community and support is essential as it cultivates support, collaboration, and a sense of belonging. It enhances the overall learning experience for students, empowers tutors, and builds trust and confidence among parents. Here we will be looking into Community Focused and Tutor Training.


Community Focused

Success Tutoring distinguishes itself from other providers by fostering a community-focused approach to tutoring. In the small group tutoring environment at Success Tutoring, there is a strong emphasis on creating a sense of community and support among students. This environment promotes collaboration, peer learning, and a spirit of encouragement. Additionally, Success Tutoring goes beyond traditional tutoring sessions by organizing community events like movie nights, where students can socialize and strengthen their bonds with fellow learners. These activities cultivate a sense of belonging and unity within the Success Tutoring community. On the other hand, the community focus may vary among other tutoring providers, as it largely depends on the individual location and franchise. Success Tutoring’s commitment to creating a community-driven learning experience sets it apart, ensuring that students not only receive academic support but also thrive in a supportive and engaging educational community.

Tutor Training

Success Tutoring stands out from other providers by adopting a comprehensive approach to tutor training. Success Tutoring hires university students as tutors and provides them with training through the online SuccessAcademy™. This unique training program consists of online modules that cover the Success Method and Customer Service. By equipping tutors with the necessary knowledge and skills, Success Tutoring ensures that they are well-prepared to deliver effective and engaging tutoring sessions. In contrast, other tutoring providers may have their own distinct training systems in place, which can vary from one provider to another. The training methods and content may differ based on individual approaches and priorities. However, Success Tutoring’s commitment to providing rigorous and structured training through the SuccessAcademy™ sets it apart, ensuring that tutors are equipped with the tools and techniques needed to support students effectively.

Success Tutoring Academy

Join Success Tutoring

Success Tutoring is Australia’s fastest growing education and tutoring franchise. Wether you are a parent looking for the nearest Success Tutoring centre or an aspiring entrepreneur looking at investing into a Success Tutoring franchise, we welcome you. To learn more about finding your nearest location, visit Find a Campus. To learn more about a Success Tutoring franchise visit our Franchise Website.

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