From Student to Tutor: The Impact of Success Tutoring on My Life and Career

From Student to Tutor: The Impact of Success Tutoring on My Life and Career

Written by Anna Jurman


From Student to Tutor: The Impact of Success Tutoring on My Life and Career

A little about me

Ishika, a recent graduate from Mamre Anglican School, has been reflecting on the impact that Success Tutoring has had on her life and career. As the DUX with a score of 94.75, Ishika excelled in subjects such as Economics, Business Studies, Advanced English, Math Standard, and Biology. However, it was Economics that she found particularly challenging and rewarding, stating that “it allowed for more critical thinking and problem-solving.” In her final year of high school in 2019, Ishika started tutoring at Success Tutoring to get help with assessments and go over content. Looking back, she credits the experience for helping her discover her passion for tutoring and kickstarting her career as a tutor. “Without Success Tutoring, I don’t think I would have realised my love for tutoring and the impact it can have on others,” Ishika reflects.

How Success Tutoring Helped me…

Ishika credits Success Tutoring with not only helping her discover her love for teaching but also for shaping her high school education. “Success Tutoring helped me find out what subjects I liked and which ones I didn’t,” Ishika recalls. “It allowed me to explore different subjects in a supportive environment.” With the help of her tutors, Ishika was able to choose which subjects she wanted to pursue in her final year of high school, ultimately leading her to her favorite subject, Economics. Success Tutoring also assisted Ishika with preparing for exams and assignments. “I went to tutoring four times a week for my subjects,” Ishika notes. “It was a great way to stay on top of my studies and receive guidance from experienced tutors.”

Some challenges I faced during High School

While Ishika excelled academically, she also faced some challenges during her high school years. “One of the biggest realizations for me was that I had to do a lot of work in year 11 and 12 compared to previous years, like year 10,” Ishika admits. However, Success Tutoring helped her overcome these challenges by providing her with the support and guidance she needed. “There was this one time I received a really low mark, it was 67%,” Ishika recalls. “Which doesn’t seem that low, but for me, it was really bad! I instantly put my head down and focused really hard. The next mark I received was 95%! Success Tutoring helped me gain the confidence to strive for better.”

Some secret strategies I learnt on the way

Throughout her time at Success Tutoring, Ishika gained a range of skills and techniques to help her succeed academically. “One of the most helpful strategies I learned was time management,” Ishika says. “Blocking out a certain amount of time to study or complete an assignment, putting my headphones in, and focusing solely on that task helped me manage my workload more efficiently.”

In addition to time management, Ishika also learned the importance of utilizing her teachers. “Success Tutoring emphasized the value of using your teachers more,” Ishika explains. “Getting assistance from teachers and asking for feedback on my work allowed me to understand what was expected of me and how I could improve.” These strategies not only helped Ishika during her high school years but also in her career as a tutor. “I now share these strategies with my own students at Success Tutoring,” she says.

How I prepared for my exams and assessments

When it comes to preparing for exams and assessments, Ishika found that working with Success Tutoring was incredibly helpful. She explains, “We worked on mock exams together, which was really great for me because it gave me an idea of what the real exam would be like. We also did the assessments together, so I had a better understanding of what was expected of me and how I could improve.” By working through practice exams and assessments with her tutor, Ishika was able to gain confidence in her abilities and develop a better understanding of the material.

Tutoring from university students changed my life

“When I started attending Success Tutoring, I was blown away by the quality of the tutors. They were all university students, and they were so knowledgeable and effective in helping me understand difficult concepts,” Ishika said. “What really stood out to me was how relatable they were. They were similar in age to me, so they understood what I was going through. The environment was also really chill and motivating, which made it easier to focus and learn. Some of the tutors were even studying the subjects that I wanted to study at university, so it was great to get some insight into what those courses would be like.”

Why I recommend Success Tutoring to students

“I would absolutely recommend Success Tutoring to other students. They provide a personalised approach to learning, which is tailored to individual student needs. You get the opportunity to work on specific subjects and with tutors who are knowledgeable and relatable. The tutoring sessions are very helpful for homework, assignments and exam preparation. Another great thing about Success Tutoring is the flexible timetable and hours available for sessions. They provide both in-person and online tutoring, so students can choose what works best for them.” said Ishika.

She added, “Success Tutoring is based on the Australian Curriculum, which is perfect for students looking to improve their grades or catch up on missed topics. The tutors are very patient and are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their students understand the concepts. The tutors also provide some great exam strategies and tips, which helped me prepare for my exams.”

The impact of Success Tutoring on my life

Ishika credits Success Tutoring for playing a huge role in shaping her future. “Success Tutoring changed my life in many ways. It gave me the opportunity to become a tutor myself and help others who were struggling just like I was. It also helped me get into Economics at university and gave me the skills and confidence to learn and become employed within my field,” she explains. “In fact, I loved tutoring so much that I would definitely like to open my own tutoring business one day, and I hope to do it with Success Tutoring. Who knows, maybe I could even become Success Tutoring’s youngest franchise owner.” Ishika’s success story is a testament to the impact that personalised tutoring can have on students, and it’s clear that Success Tutoring has given her the tools she needs to succeed in her future endeavors.

My future goals and aspirations

In terms of future goals, Ishika is focused on graduating from university and gaining experience in her field of study, economics and accounting. She plans to work in the field for a while and assess her options before deciding on her next steps. However, she has a strong desire to run her own business, potentially even a Success Tutoring franchise. As she reflects on her experience with Success Tutoring, Ishika is grateful for the impact it has had on her life and career, and she hopes to pay it forward by helping other students achieve their own academic and personal goals.

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