Year 7 Tutoring

How Can Year 7 Tutoring help?

Year 7 is one of the most important years of schooling for students in Australia. It provides the framework of student expectations during high school. Our expert tutors ensure our students are positively motivated, inspired and uplifted during this important time. Our English and Maths tutoring services set all our students to achieve success!

Our Year 7 Tutoring Subjects

We provide both one-on-one and class tutoring services for the following subjects:


High School English tutoring sessions.


High School Mathematics tutoring sessions.


High School elective course tutoring sessions.

We provide our Year 7 Students with

Assignment Help

Designed to provide students with exam practice and real exam style questions

Year 7 Past Papers

Built to provide students with exam practice using real exam style questions!

Motivational Tutors

Highly inspirational tutors with a special ability to relate to students and explain concepts clearly

Online Academic Resources

Developed to provide students with exam practice and real exam style questions

Exam Help

We provide students with our methods on how to execute exams in the most effective way possible!

Study Help

Using proven study techniques, our tutors support, mentor and guide students on the best study techniques!

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Our Formula for Year 7 Success

Year 7 is the first year for students entering into high school in Australia. It is one of the most important years as it helps guide students to reach excellence in the years after. At Success Tutoring we help all our students with their confidence and motivation in this really important year. Our services provide our year 7 students the necessary skills required to excel at high school

All our tutors outline to our students the precise difference between primary and high school, that way they know what to expect. Within year 7 English and maths, we structure our lessons in the most simple way possible, making it easier for our students to understand the content at hand. Our tutors are there to motivate, inspire and uplift all our year 7 students. Unlike other services, we help students on an individualised program based on what the student is learning at school.