Success Tutoring Customer Policy

Our priority is you

Last updated 29th July 2021

“You” – The customer  “We”  – Success Tutoring 

1. Payment Methods

Success Tutoring offers two payment methods to pay for tutoring session fees:

  1. Pay as you go – payment for sessions are processed via direct debit 48 hours prior to the scheduled session.
  2. Pre-paid package – a package of sessions purchased upfront for a discount via credit card. Prepaid bundles are not refundable. If you choose to subscribe to a package, payments will be processed via direct debit 48 hours prior to the start time of the first session of that package. 

2. Cancellations & Missed Lessons

Missed Lessons

  • If you do not attend your scheduled lesson and fail to notify Success Tutoring, you will be charged for that lesson. A lesson is considered missed if you do not attend within 20 minutes of your scheduled lesson time.

Cancel one lesson

  • You may cancel a lesson at any time given that you provide 24 hour notice.
  • All lessons cancelled at least 24-hours in advance will be rescheduled for your next available time/day.
  • If a cancellation is made less than 24-hours before the scheduled lesson, it will be classified as a ‘Missed Lesson’ and as such is non-refundable.

Unenroll Permanently

  • All permanent un-enrollments must provide at least 24 hours notice.

3. Refunds

If you’re not satisfied with Success Tutoring’s service and decide to unenroll, Success Tutoring can offer a refund on the prepaid lessons that have not yet been attended. Success Tutoring does not offer refunds on lessons that have already been attended unless there is a ‘major failure’ in the service.

Success Tutoring does not offer refunds on cancelled lessons, rather you will receive a credit which is applied to the rescheduled lesson. See section two; ‘Cancellations & Missed Lessons’ for our full cancellation policy. If you wish to unenrol permanently you can receive a refund on the unattended lessons which have been prepaid. 

All missed lessons are non-refundable.

4. Tutor absence

In the event your tutor cannot attend a lesson, you will be notified and a replacement tutor will be offered to take the lesson. You can choose to accept this substitute tutor or reschedule the lesson to the next available time/day with your original tutor. 

5. Changes to Service

Success Tutoring reserves the right to make necessary changes to the business operations at any given time, including, but not limited to pricing, subject and tutor availability and service terms and conditions that all customers must abide by. Success Tutoring also reserves the right to cancel, reschedule, modify or interrupt lessons to accommodate for changes in tutor or course availability