Time Management Course

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What is Tick Tock?

Tick Tock helps students to create strong time management habits. Scheduling, planning, goal setting and priorities are all key factors that contribute to dividing your time to ensure you complete all your work effectively and efficiently.

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Understanding Time Management

Frequently Asked Questions

What is time management?

Creative writing is the process of intentionally using your time to complete tasks, activities, projects and more. 

Why should you learn time management?

Time management help you prioritise tasks to ensure you can effectively and efficiently complete all the work, projects and tasks you need to complete.

Who is Tick Tock for?

Tick Tock is for everyone! Our course is designed for students of all ages to participate in. 

How much does the Tick Tock course cost?

Success Tutoring’s Tick Tock course starts at $100 per 3-hour session.

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