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How does selective tutoring work?

Selective tutoring is a form of tutoring that is specifically designed to help students prepare for selective entry exams for high schools or other academic programs. These exams are typically highly competitive, and selective tutoring aims to give students the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to perform at their best. 

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We provide selective tutoring services that is personalised for your child. Our mission is to make education fun and effective using leading edge technology.

Our selective tutoring program is mapped to the Australian Curriculum so your child learns what is relevant to them and to maximise their opportunity to entering a selective school.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Selective tutoring is a form of personalied education that provides mall group tutoring assistance to students who are struggling in a particular subject or topic.  Each city in Australia has a unique selective entrance exam. For example, in Perth, the selective exam is called GATE

By identifying areas of weakness and providing individualised instruction and support, selective tutoring can help students improve their academic performance and increase their chances of getting into selective high schools.

The ideal time to start selective tutoring will depend on your child’s individual needs and goals. Some students may benefit from starting early in order to build a strong foundation of skills and knowledge, while others may need more intensive support in the months leading up to the selective high school entrance exam. Most parents in Australia, start selective tutoring in year 3 or year 4. 

Your child should focus on the subjects and topics that will be tested on the selective high school entrance exam. This may include reading, mathematical  reasoning, thinking skills and writing. 


The tutor will provide regular updates on your child’s progress and areas of improvement. You can also monitor your child’s grades and performance in school to assess the impact of selective tutoring on their academic success.


The length of time that your child participates in selective tutoring will depend on their individual needs and goals. Some students may only need a few sessions, while others may require ongoing support throughout the school year.

In addition to selective tutoring, your child can also participate in extracurricular activities, community service, and other programs that demonstrate their academic abilities and leadership skills. It is also important for your child to perform well in school, maintain good attendance, and develop strong study habits.


You can support your child’s learning by providing a quiet and distraction-free study environment, encouraging them to practice and review the skills and concepts covered in tutoring sessions, and communicating regularly with the tutor to stay informed about your child’s progress and areas of focus.

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