How Much Should Tutoring Cost?

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Written by Anna Jurman


How Much Should Tutoring Cost?

As a parent willing to make an investment for their child’s academic confidence, the incredible range of tutoring costs is a troubling maze to navigate. Several factors influence the price of tutoring services, including the subject’s difficulty, the tutor’s qualifications, and how the session may be formatted. Each of these factors can be beneficial depending on your child’s circumstances so this blog with Success Tutoring can help you decide which is the right fit!

The Complexity of the Subject

The subject your child requires tutoring for can significantly impact the cost. Highly challenging and specialised subjects, such as an Extension 1 or 2 course, might entail a higher tutoring cost. This is due to the specific expertise and knowledge which is a harder skill to obtain, leading to a limited supply that can drive up prices.

Qualifications and Experience

The qualifications and experience of the tutor are vital components of pricing. Tutors with advanced degrees, teaching credentials, and a strong track record of success in helping students achieve their goals often charge higher rates. Therefore private sessions with highly qualified tutors cost $30-50 an hour, but their expertise will greatly contribute to your child’s learning. At Success Tutoring, while we charge $40 an hour for one session, there is also the cost-effective option of $95 a week for unlimited sessions with our high-achieving, university-level tutors.

Session Format: Group vs. Individual

Tutoring costs can also vary based on the session format. Individual one-on-one tutoring usually commands higher rates due to the personalised attention and tailored approach, though this comes at the higher cost of up to $80 an hour. Group sessions, while more economical, might not offer the same level of individualised instruction. The utility of either is entirely contingent on your child’s needs and at Success Tutoring, our free assessments will help decide the appropriate session format.

Tutoring With Success

Success Tutoring offers flexible pricing options to suit your educational needs. Our standard rates are $40 for a single tutoring session, $70 for a package of two sessions, and just $95 for a bundle of three sessions, making quality education accessible to all. However, pricing can vary depending on your location, and that’s why we encourage you to download our user-friendly app. It will not only provide you with precise, location-specific pricing information but also give you access to our extensive network of experienced tutors. With Success Tutoring, your educational success is just a few clicks away.


Investing in Your Child’s Future

Despite these costs, research conducted by the Australian Education Research Institute indicates that consistent and high-quality tutoring assistance correlates with improved grades and a deeper understanding of subjects. While tutoring costs may be a consideration, the investment in your child’s education can yield substantial long-term benefits. To ease concerns and make your time and money worthwhile, our experts will evaluate your child’s unique learning requirements and design a customised plan to help them excel academically when you book a free assessment. Don’t wait – take a step towards a brighter future for your child now!

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