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How a Study Planner can help you

It’s that time of year! School has started and exams are just around the corner and now it’s time to hunker down and get into a fool-proof study routine. Like most things, finding a place to start is always the hardest – that’s where a study planner comes in.

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What is a Study Planner?

A study planner is your key to effectively managing your time in a way that allows you to create strong study habits. It’s about breaking your day into categories, for example study, school and work and allocating blocks of time to fulfil those categories. Doing this will help you maintain a healthy work/life balance – because at the end of the day, exams and study should not compromise on your mental health and well being.

So, how do we create this study planner I hear you ask? We’ve done the hard work for you! Download our FREE study planner template to kickstart your study schedule. 

Let’s walk through how you can use this study planner this exam season.

Our study planner template works in one-hour increments which means you can block out your time an hour at a time. Of course, some tasks may not take this long, so it’s important to keep in mind that whilst it’s important to implement a schedule, it’s more important to be flexible.

For our study template, we used a colour-coding system to prevent your study planner from becoming overwhelming and to make your study schedule easier to read. For example, study might be in yellow, school in green and downtime in pink. Some categories you might want to consider as as follows:


Arguably the most important block on your study planner is the time you allocate to study. You may want to block out two hours of time dedicated to any kind of study and colour code that time on your study planner in yellow. Or, perhaps you want to make these categories more specific to your subjects. For example, dedicate one hour to English study and one hour to mathematics study. Again, you’d assign all your subjects a colour and give them a home under your planned date and time.


Your study planner has to reflect your daily life, including school. On weekdays, you’ll simply block out the time you are usually at school by assigning the school category with a colour and filling in the schedule.

The same goes for work or any other and extra curricular activities you participate in, including sports, debating or public speaking. Your study planner should work around these commitments, not compromise them.


Equally as important as study itself, you need to block in some downtime to prevent burn out and ensure you’re maintaining a healthy work/life balance. This time is dedicated to giving you a break – here you would step away from the computer, move your body or participate in a hobby. This downtime could include going for a walk, watching a movie or even reading a book. 

Whatever you decide to do in your downtime, ensure it is restful so you can come back to your desk refreshed and revised. Ensuring you have regular breaks in your study is an important element of making sure you’re working smarter, not harder. In fact, you’re less likely to retain information if you’re mentally exhausted.


You’ve heard it before, but a good night’s sleep is the key to keeping you alert, focused and motivated to study. That’s why you should actually schedule sleep into your study planner to prevent you from staying up until all hours of the night cramming in study. In fact the purpose of this study planner will prevent the need to cram because you’ve already dictated how you’re going to use your time.

And that’s it! Just remember, your study planner should be used as a guide. Life happens, things come up and plans change – that’s why it’s so important to be flexible. 

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