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Our English Tutoring Program is based on the Australian Curriculum and is broken down into 4 topics. Each topic has 10 lessons. Once complete, students can move on to the next topic or level! Students join weekly English Study Hubs in a small group environment to work on their personalised English learning program!

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The Basics of Language

The Basics of Language covers language features used in the composition of texts. Students will explore literary devices, editing and reviewing skills and word knowledge.

You'll cover:

The Art of Reading and Writing

The art of reading and writing asks students to deep dive into a text to understand how it was composed. Students will use the skills learnt in the Basics of Languge course to understand how literary devices are used in texts to create meaning, and manipulate these devices to compose their own work.

You'll cover:

Understanding Texts

Understanding Texts develops students skills in reading comprehension. It strengthens students’ ability to read a text, process information and understand the meaning of a text.

You'll cover:

Communicating Texts

Communicating texts enables students to explore texts and communicate their insights through multi-modal presentations

You'll cover: