School Readiness Program: Literacy Subject

School Readiness Program | Literacy

Written by Anna Jurman


School Readiness Program: Literacy Subject

Success Tutoring is so excited to be announcing the launch of the new brand Little Triumphs which focuses on providing school readiness programs to students aged 3-5 years of age.

What is the school readiness literacy program?

According to the National Curriculum, Literacy involves students listening to, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and creating oral, print, visual and digital texts, and using and modifying language for different purposes in a range of contexts. Literacy is a very significant component in a child’s ability to be school ready! According to some research conducted, Children who enjoy reading are three times more likely to have good mental wellbeing than children who don’t enjoy it.

What does the the school readiness literacy program include?

Our the school readiness literacy program is built using the best and latest teaching methods in mind. The program consists of four (4) main headings. These are Letter Identification, Sound Recognition, Vocabulary Development and Reading Fluency.

Why is the school readiness program important?

The school readiness program brought by Success Tutoring is not designed to replace child care. It’s designed to compliment childcare where a students builds a love of learning. By enrolling in the school readiness program, parents can expect that their child will; become more confident, will read more and build an overall deeper interest in the world.

How can I enrol within the school readiness program?

To enrol, you must first find your closest Success Tutoring campus. Currently, the school readiness program is being held only at our Liverpool Campus in New South Wales. We look forward to offering this service across more of our locations at a future date. For more information contact the Liverpool Success Tutoring campus.

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