Early Childhood Education & Pre Kindy opens in Liverpool

Early Childhood Education

Written by Anna Jurman


Early Childhood Education & Pre Kindy opens in Liverpool

Did you know? Success Tutoring Liverpool has just launched a new brand called Little Triumphs. This subsidiary brand is an early learning program provider for children which is designed to assist students in their transition to primary school. Created with the National Quality Framework (NQF), the National Quality Standard (NQS) and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) in mind, it is now open in Liverpool!

The core subjects of literacy and numeracy are important for the fundamental development of a child’s education in Liverpool. In this publication, we will cover the secondary subjects, in Liverpool, which consist of dance, Art & Culture, Logical & Critical Thinking, Nutrition and Social & Environmental Skills.

Pre Kindy Dance at Liverpool

This topic is here to encourage children to immerse themselves in physical activity through dance in Liverpool. Dance allows for children to learn rhythm, beat and allows them to further develop their gross motor skills in Liverpool. Dance as a physical activity joins fitness and fun to create a dynamic and healthy education; it strengthens core muscles, develops balance and introduces fitness in a fun way. At Liverpool each week children will explore a different style of dance, exposing them to new sounds, movements and cultures.

Pre Kindy Art & Culture at Liverpool

The art and culture component of our curriculum focuses on the creativity of kids and explores the culture around them. Art navigates through a child’s creativity and further develops their fine motor skills as well as understanding of colours, art medium and different forms of media. Our Liverpool art curriculum will go through painting, drawing, cutting, glueing and sculpting; growing their ability to use different forms of mediums and understand the world of colour around them. Culture will traverse the environmental world around them, focusing on traditions, cultures, family and friendships.

Pre Kindy Logical & Critical Thinking at Liverpool

Our logical and critical thinking course in Liverpool allows students to deepen their skills, logical reasoning and understand the consequences of their actions. These activities are designed to make children use rational and logical thinking to solve problems and complete tasks. These activities will set the foundation for the child’s reasoning and critical thinking skills while utilising their existing logical skills.

Pre Kindy Nutrition at Liverpool

A nutrient-rich diet supports children’s overall strength and wellbeing, allowing them to have the energy to run around, climb trees and explore. At Liverpool, a proper nutrition is crucial for kids to learn from a young age as it supports healthy eating habits and self navigated eating. A healthy balanced diet protects against malnourishment, maintains a healthy immune system, prevents obesity and reduces the risk of chronic disease. Students will identify red foods, yellow foods and green foods while learning about fats, sugars, proteins and carbs.

Pre Kindy Social & Environmental Skills at Liverpool

Social and environmental components will increase a child’s skills to interact and converse with the people around them; we will encourage them to ask questions, take their time to develop answers and actively listen to others. In Liverpool, environmental skills will explore the nature and world around them; they will learn about sustainability, currency, as well as other life skills.

Early Childhood Education & Pre Kindy in Liverpool

Little Triumphs is a subsidiary brand of Success Tutoring Liverpool. It is an early learning program for children in Liverpool which is designed to assist students in their transition to primary school, through the school readiness program. Little are the people we serve. Triumph means a great victory or achievement. Little Triumphs in Liverpool are little people who achieve big things. Enrol today at Liverpool by contacting us!

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