5 Benefits Success Tutoring brings to Perth

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Written by Anna Jurman


5 Benefits Success Tutoring brings to Perth

Are you looking for tutoring services in Perth?

Well, look no further than Success Tutoring, located in the heart of Perth CBD. There are an abundance of tutoring centres across Perth. Some specialise in maths while others specialise in English, however Success Tutoring has combined both English and maths to optimise your child’s learning experience. The curriculum is based solely off the Australian curriculum therefore mirroring what students are learning within their classrooms and ensuring there tuition is relevant to their education. 

1. Group Tutoring in Perth is better than One-on-One

Currently in Perth most tutoring services offer one-on-one however Success Tutoring has stepped into the dynamic of group tutoring, which allows students to open up and work collaboratively providing a more supportive learning environment. Being in a classroom-like environment students learn from each other and bounce ideas off each other. They can also ask questions and help each other with things they’re struggling with. When children are in a group environment there is a sense of community around them and encourages them to open up. 

2. Customised Learning Program for Perth students

Success tutoring provide students with a customised and fully personalised learning program which is based upon their initial assessment. This program is fully customised based on their weakest subject and encourages tutors to focus on those particular topics. Parents have the option to select a customised learning program that is based on the initial assessment or they can opt in to have the custom program developed based on the child’s scope and sequence which can be accessed from school. 

3. Australian Curriculum Focused

The experts at Success Tutoring have designed the Success curriculum based on the Australian curriculum. The topics that the Success Curriculum is built upon can be divided into English and Mathematics content from pre-kindergarten to year 10. Within the English side of the Success Curriculum, it consists of four topics, including “The Basics of Language”, “The Art of Reading and Writing”, “Understanding Texts” and “Communicating Texts”, which are all derived from and linked to the Australian Curriculum and the general capabilities as per ACARA. Within the Mathematics side of the Success Curriculum, it also consists of four topics, including “Number Basics”, “Working with Shapes and Measurement”, “Statistics and Probability” and “Mathematical Problem Solving”, which are all derived from and linked to the Australian Curriculum and the general capabilities as per ACARA. To find out more about our Australian Curriculum and Success Tutoring, download our free white paper here.

4. Affordability of subscription vs one on one based service in Perth

Success Tutoring has created a world first business model within the education space. It is the first English and Math subscription based tutoring service in Perth. This unique subscription service provides parents with flexibility, affordability and quality tutoring services in Perth. Parents have the flexibility to bring their child into the tutoring centre any day of the week, while making it affordable for the average household in Perth. Success Tutoring provides quality tutoring by creating custom English and Maths programs for children; based on a personalised learning program created via an initial assessment.

5. Jobs available to local university students in Perth

Success Tutoring highest the most engaging, motivated and personable university students across Perth. There are many jobs available to local university students in Perth. Success tutoring provides many jobs across Perth to university students. Success Tutoring values university students as they provide an understanding of the students they are tutoring. Being close in age students open up to the uni students while they see them more of a friend then a teacher. This allows for a better classroom dynamic. 

Book a Free Assessment in Perth

Did you know success tutoring can provide your child with a free English and math diagnostic assessment. This assessment will give you a holistic understanding of how your child is tracking at school. You can book this free assessment in Perth by contacting your nearest Success Tutoring Centre. This assessment typically takes between 30 to 40 minutes and by the end of the assessment you will have a good understanding of your child’s progress and the manager will provide you with a recommendation on the next steps for your child. Success tutoring is excited to be in Perth taking care of your child’s education needs. Contact us or click here to book an Assessment today!

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