Success Courses

Personal Development

Tick Tock

As the name suggests, Tick Tock is a unique course designed to develop students’ understanding of time. It aims to help students with their time management skills which is a vital skill to have in today’s age. Here you can learn how to manage your time and become the best version of yourself!

Coding Academy

The future is here! Students learn to code from HTML to ReactJS. This is a how to code for beginners. Students will learn the foundational understanding of coding and develop their thinking skills along the way. This structured course is perfect for students who love to learn about software and games!

Fearless Lion

Students learn how to develop their confidence as speakers! Our tutors create a motivational environment that enhances their confidence to speak in front of their class to speaking in front of thousands! This is designed for students who want to develop their confidence and speaking skills!

Mind Painters

Mind painters challenges students to create strong and engaging pieces of writing. From short stories, to poems to scripts, you’ll learn the visual and literary techniques you need for strong character development, compelling plot structure and an overall enticing narrative.

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