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What is Life Tutoring?

Success Tutoring’s life tutoring is a new concept which provides students knowledge on skills that are highly relatable in the real world. These skills are different from skills taught at school and can help students have a wider understanding of learning. Tutoring sessions such as public speaking, starting a business, social intelligence, time organisation and other practical courses set up our students for success. Our motivational tutors ensure students are inspired and uplifted! We use a method that has seen student results skyrocket- a global first. At Success Tutoring we create results never seen before by any education company in the World.

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Entrepreneurship Tutoring

Entrepreneurship tutoring challenges students to think outside the box & learn new skills not readily available in curriculum at school. Students learn how to design, implement and maintain successful small business that create positive impact on the local community. It places a social emphasis on the triple bottom line & inspires students to become global leaders!

Public Speaking Tutoring

Public Speaking Tutoring

Software & Coding Tutoring

Software and coding tutoring
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Life Tutoring FAQs

Our university tutoring services help students improve and maintain their results at university. Our university tutors are expertly trained to provide an excellent service were your student will always feel motivated, inspired and uplifted after each tutoring session!

Some of the university units we provide are for business, law, medicine, mathematics, engineering, languages and humanity units.

At Success Tutoring, we provide one core service for our university students:

  1. One-on-one Tutoring: During university individual tutoring, our tutors follow what you are covering at university. We provide in-depth exam and assignment assistance! Our individual tutoring is recommended for students of all levels and abilities. 

At Success Tutoring, we follow a research-backed ‘inspired learning’ approach. All our university tutors are experts in bringing out the best out of all our students. When providing our university tutoring services, we believe in the power to motivate, inspire and uplift students to reach their full potential. Additionally, our motivational learning space, provides an excellent educational environment which facilities a world class tutoring experience.


All our payments are made online. Once you have registered and created an online account you will be prompted to add a debit or credit card. Success Tutoring offers a subscription model, which means you won’t have to worry about making payments manually. Payments are automatically debited from your account and we provide you with detailed receipts on your online portal.

To enrol for online tutoring, you can book a session here.

Our team comprises of university students who have excelled remarkably within their studies and have an inner passion to teach. Through our university tutoring services, we are all expertly trained to unleash inner motivation that is in every child! We are experts at motivating, inspiring and uplifting our students no matter their level! You can find out more about our tutors by clicking here

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